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Live Arts Fest 4/5/13-4/21/13




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Ebert Ortiz (Tijuana)

'' 33'' The Last Supper by Ebert Ortiz Contemporary Scene is the third installment of the trilogy inspired by Pop Art and Table of Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" on the creation of Ebert Ortiz, where betrayal is seen as a metaphor for human relationships; shares prevailing from time immemorial because of the lack of values ​​and perception of the other as an extension of our being. It is a proposal that involves ten stage performers in a speech, multimedia and sound design combine to catch the viewer, who becomes a witness and accomplice to treason. 33 is one of the finalists in the Issue XXXII INBA-UAM Prize-UNAM.

''33'' La Última Cena por Ebert Ortiz Escena Contemporánea es la tercera entrega de la trilogía inspirada en el Pop Art y en el cuadro de Leonardo da Vinci “La Última Cena” bajo la creación de Ebert Ortiz, donde la traición se plantea como una metáfora de las relaciones humanas; acciones que prevalecen desde tiempos inmemorables debido a la falta de valores y percepción del otro como una extensión de nuestro ser. Es una propuesta escénica que involucra a diez intérpretes en un discurso, la multimedia y el diseño sonoro confabulan para atrapar al espectador, el cual se convierte en testigo y cómplice de la traición. 33 forma parte de los finalistas en el XXXII Emisión del Premio INBA-UAM-UNAM.

Ebert Ortiz is originally from Mexico. He is working to develop the performing arts across disciplines such as theater and musical comedy, defining his vocation for contemporary dance. Ebert has been trained academically and professionally through various courses and workshops with companies such as Lux Boreal, Judy Garland Company, and Theatre Tic Tac. He completed his professional studies at the School of Dance in Mazatlan under the direction of Compañía Delfos.

Ebert Ortiz works at the center of research and development for the realization of their productions. Throughout this process, his creations are enriched by contributors from other arts such as music, video, costume design, set design, and the magic of theater lighting. His choreography seeks to establish a bond with the audience, taking the first level of communication through art, inviting them to reflect on reality.

His creations include: Lazos Invisibles (2012) The Last Supper (2012) Cruel (2012) between Faith and Science (2012) Jude (2011) 7 Moments (2012) WT (2011) Paper (2011) Invariable (2011) Gambling (2011) Between Clouds (2010) essence (2010) Metric (2010) Anonymous Bidder (2009) TEO (2009)

Ebert Ortiz, April 20, 7:30 PM, Live Arts Fest