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Live Arts Fest 2016 - 10 Evenings of Diversity in Movement

Curated by San Diego Dance Theater's Artistic Director Jean Isaacs, the theme for Live Arts Fest 2016 is "Cross-Pollinating Dance: Diversity in Movement."

Live Arts Fest 2016 addresses how our proximity to the US/Mexico Border is a catalyst for examining and discussing diversity through the lens of San Diego based dance artists. Other influences include our aging populations, expanding opportunities for disabled dancers, and mentor/protege relationships.

This festival offers a range from internationally renowned artists, to the hottest grass roots dance groups in San Diego, and even performers that don't let their wheelchairs stop them from grooving.

"My mission for Live Arts Fest 2016 is to provide a performance platform for less visible, but no-less dynamic members of our dance community to showcase their range of experiences through dance making." - SDDT Artistic Director, Jean Isaacs

Live Arts Fest 2016
April 12 - 24, 7:30 pm

White Box Live Arts
NTC Liberty Station Arts District
2590 Truxtun Road, Second Floor - On the corner of Truxtun Road and Roosevelt Road
White Box Live Arts is located in Building 176, adjacent to Dance Place San Diego


Tickets: $20 - Single Performance
Tickets $110 - Live Arts Fest Pass - All 10 Shows *Great Value*

Tickets available at or 619.225.1803

Tuesday, April 12

Anne Gehman & Erin Tracy - Precipitate

Precipitate is a dance theatre performance installation comprised of two concurrent solo works: Pleasant Beast and Knot KnowingPleasant Beast explores our animal nature, our supposed civilized being, and the modern mythologies that live somewhere in between. Knot Knowing navigates the territory of the body and the gaze while asking can we dispel the mystery of the human body while maintaining reverence for it?
Thursday, April 14

San Diego Dance Theater - Love Letters: Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera

Virtuosic performances by SDDT‘s Trystan Loucado and Desiree Cuizon-Fejeran. Isaacs’ choreography journeys through emotional romantic territory following the famous pair’s exhaustive relationship. The emotional romantic territory leaves audiences at once gasping and at the same time reflective and content.
Friday, April 15

San Diego Dance Theater - Simon: An Aging Creatively Dance Project

Forty senior dancers perform World Premiere dances to the songs of Paul Simon. Choreographers include: Patricia Sandback, Jean Isaacs, George Willis, Kathryn Scheidegger, Jeanne Lenhart, Gail Mitchell, and Yvonne Harguindeguy.
Saturday, April 16

Melissa Adao - MELshake

Feed your soul with a glass of MELshake! Choreographed and directed by Melissa Adao, MELshake features hip hop and fusion dance with engagingly youthful and raw energy. Balancing between the light and deep end of movement, you will be served a refreshing taste of MELshake all evening.
Sunday, April 17

Wheelchair Dancers Organization -
Adaptive Dance Showcase

This adaptive dance showcase highlights the dance accomplishments of people with and without disabilities. It’s an inclusive event that artistically encompasses the power of movement and passion through wheelchair dancing. Dancers aged from seven to ninety-one will be performing a variety of choreographed pieces from ballroom, Latin, Salsa and Contemporary. In addition, two collaborative pieces will be performed by Dark Horse Dance Production.
Wednesday, April 20

bkSOUL/Collective Purpose - Illegible

Illegible is a collaborative project that addresses the acrimony and injustice around the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Through the culture of hip-hop, the scholarship of Mark Anthony Neal, and the narrative of each performer, bkSOUL and Collective Purpose explore the meaning of illegibility with poetry, music, and dance.
Thursday, April 21

Flamenco Sur - Flamenco y Punto

The pure style of Flamenco Sur together with the intensity of the Cante (song), and the toque (guitar) will be the perfect setting to transport the audience to an exuberant night of traditional song and dance from the Gipsy of Southern Spain.
Friday, April 22

Tanzprojekt Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth - The Red Book & Picknick

Swiss-based Tanzprojekt Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth, known for uniquely expressive interdisciplinary dance theater solos, presents "The Red Book," a poetic dance installation on C.G. Jung, and Picknick, “an immensely touching journey through past hopes and disappointments” (Jennifer Dunning). Elfi is grateful to come back to San Diego, where her dance career started 35 years ago.
Saturday, April 23

San Diego Dance Theater Alumni Benefit Concert

Former dancers and choreographers over the past 17 years of SDDT's history come together in support of the company's current programs. Performers/Choreographers include: Katie Stevinson-Nollet, Veronica Martin Lamm, Jessica Reed De Cancel, Daniel Marshall, Bradley Lundberg, Teri Shipman, Liv Isaacs-Nollet, Alison Dieterle-Smith, Sadie Wienberg, and Terry Wilson.
Sunday, April 24

UCSD Alumni Benefit Concert

In its heyday the UCSD Dance Program created scores of beautifully trained and uniquely versioned dancer artists. Currently working in the field and ready to give back to the community which nourished them. Dancer Choreographers:  Jessical Curiel, Lavina Rich, Beth Calarco, Grace Jun, Daniel Flores, Sara Dickman, Melissa Fischel, and more! One half of the income from the concert will go to support undergraduate productions in dance at UCSD's Dept. of Theatre and dance.