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Countertechnique Workshop©

Joy Davis

The Countertechnique® class is a contemporary technique class. It stretches, coordinates and strengthens the body, making the dancer sweat, build stamina and really move. The class starts with a recurring set of exercises, allowing dancers to investigate the Countertechnique® principles in detail. The second half of the class consists of changing components, working towards luscious movement combinations and jumping at the end. The Countertechnique® class results in dancers using less energy, losing their fear of taking risks and gaining speed in changing direction.

Joy Davis hails from Nashville, TN originally and has spent the last ten years making dance and learning about dance in Knoxville, Chicago, and Amsterdam. She was profoundly influenced by Anouk van Dijk and her studies of capoeira and yoga. This past summer of 2012, she was one of four Americans and now 16 teachers worldwide to become certified to teach the technique by Anouk. Joy is also greatly influenced by her studies of capoeira and yoga. She now lives and works in Nashville, teaching yoga at various studios and Countertechnique at Franklin School of Performing Arts. 

The Countertechnique workshop is a 2-day event; participants are expected to participate in both days of dance. For more info on countertechnique, click HERE.

Countertechnique® with Joy Davis Saturday, April 13 - Sunday, April 14, 2013
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Full 10 hour Workshop - $80