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Heather Glabe and Sadie Weinberg - "Split Bill"

We have built an evening of short dances to be performed with both live and recorded music.  We are sharing an evening of work because: we like to dance, make dances, talk about dance, collaborate with dancers, and subtly disrupt the status quo.


Sadie: I suppose my work can be summed up this way: It is a search for a sort of serenity disrupted by an itching sadness and peppered with moments of phrase-work built through the shear pleasure of moving.  It is meditative, because I am not.  It is searching for all of the things I long for. My work is about listening; to myself, my dancers and to the process. I try to consider space, timing, variation, unison, set phrasework and improvisation in fits and starts. There is some part of me that hopes outsiders understand, or are driven to understand, or are taken somewhere, but that is peripheral to tending to the work and the people that make up the work. 

Heather: Creating dances is a return to the creative process for me after a brief hiatus following the birth of my daughter, Amelia. Starting with the generous bodies and relationships in the room, I am moved to include rigorous physicality, agency for the performers, winks of irony, as well as shameful spots of cute and absurd moments in the dance works that I direct. I am seeking to surprise, delight, reframe, and reveal that which is taken for granted. Of course, I hope that viewers want to move with the performers, but I am mostly concerned that nobody would rather be napping.

Wednesday, April 19. 7:30 pm

Tickets: $20

Buy a festival pass. Full access to ALL performances: $120

All tickets will be held at Will Call.