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Betzi Roe - "Migration"

Betzi Roe, along with graduates from Coronado School of the Arts, who are now adult dancers residing in San Diego, has created an hour-long series of dances inspired by the idea of migration: movement from one place to another and back.


Roe created this piece for her former students from Coronado School of the Arts. She observed that many who had pursued careers nationally or internationally, or who had been studying and working in other cities, were returning to San Diego. She wondered what it would be like to gather them together and create a piece that spoke of their experience. "I saw this phenomenon as a kind of migration,” said Roe, "departing, journeying, and returning.” She had overwhelming responses from Alumni ranging in age from 19 to 37. Some had continued to dance, others took different paths, but all stayed physically active and maintained connections to dance and the arts.

Bringing all these divers technical levels together fostered a process of developing metaphors of flying, flocking, landing, gathering, and dispersing in order to craft the dances. Additionally, dancers with strong technical skills such as professional circus performers Garrett Allen and Sadie Lindley, and Joshua Dunn and Sulijah Learmont who performed professionally in New York, brought acrobatic and physical dimensions to their duet choreography.

"Though a scheduling nightmare, this is one of the most exciting and gratifying projects that I have done in my 43 years as a choreographer in San Diego,” said Roe. “It's quite an honor to have former students coming from London, New York, Tijuana, Phoenix, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Los Angeles participate in this project.” Migration is a testament to what CoSA achieves; training young people to become involved citizens by keeping art and culture alive via practice or support.

Friday, April 21. 7:30 pm

Tickets: $20

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