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Daniel Díaz - "Heart-Driven: a collection of stories, lessons, and letters"

Heart-Driven is Daniel Díaz's way of saying everything that has yet been unsaid. Inspired by the blossoming of life, Heart-Driven will take you on a journey of Daniel's life and loves. This show is based on letters and notes Daniel writes himself in times when there's no one to talk to. Daniel is the winner of SDDT's 2016 Young choreographers Showcase.


I've created Heart-Driven as my personal form of therapy. Whenever i feel the need to talk to someone, i write. This show explores various letters and notes that i've written to myself in the past 10 years. These letters, which will be read at the show, will now be expressed visually through Dance. They will create a vivid picture of my life as a now 27 year-old man. Heart-Driven is very personal, and just like my work as a choreographer, i am fully letting you into my sense of self with this show. This show will explore themes of Motherhood, Family, Strength, Unity, Youth, Queer-ness, Love, Heart-break, and Healing. I hope that once you experience Heart-Driven, you will know me a little better, and you will understand who i am as a human. In other words, Heart-Driven is my introduction to the world, a visual and emotional representaion of who i am, and who i have blossomed to become.

I expect you to attend Heart-Driven in a state of mind that is open, vulnerable, and gentle.

Friday, April 14. 7:30 pm

Tickets: $20

Buy a festival pass. Full access to ALL performances: $120

All tickets will be held at Will Call.