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A Collection of works by SDDT Company Dancers -

ENTER-action is a collection of dances choreographed by members of The San Diego Dance Theater company Angel Acuña, Blythe Barton, Desiree Cuizon-Fejeran, John Diaz, Minaqua McPherson, and Zaquia Mahler Salinas. This evening of dance invites you to shift perspective, dive into memory, and immerse in movement.


San Diego Dance Theater company members Angel Acuña, Blythe Barton, Desiree Cuizon-Fejeran, John Diaz, Minaqua McPherson, and Zaquia Mahler Salinas shift roles from dancers to choreographers to present ENTER-action, an evening of dance in the round. Through a series of interwoven solo and small group dances, the audience is transported through explorations of memory, identity and interconnectedness. In ENTER-action, the human appetite for creative engagement with life and magic transforms into vibrant physical expression in the bodies of some of San Diego’s most esteemed movers.

Angel Acuña will present a high frequency solo, danced by Ron Davis, imbued with the stories of many voices and set to the static sounds of an energized amplifier. Through a flurry of jeans, “In Her Pants” by Desiree Cuizon-Fejeran explores the intricacies of how to support and please a woman. Blythe Barton shares an architectural solo, performed by Cecily Freeman Holcombe that invites the eye to savor the beauty of human form. “remember/forget” by Zaquia Mahler Salinas mysterious unfolding of memory and the magic of dismissal. John Diaz pays homage to the craft of Merce Cunningham in his premiere work, “Ones.” Lastly, in “Sheer Blue,” Minaqua McPherson questions the construct of social labeling and it’s connection to the fabric of personal identity.

Each of these pieces in ENTER-action are illuminated by the others--an arrangement of stories intertwined with the intention of drawing the audience into an experience of striking visuals and lush expressivity in motion. Come be a part of the action!

Saturday, April 22. Two Performances

5:30 pm & 7:30 pm

Tickets: $20

Buy a festival pass. Full access to ALL performances: $120

All tickets will be held at Will Call.

Sarah Larson in choreography by Zaquia Mahler Salinas
Photo by Sue Brenner

Sandra Morlett in choroegraphy by Angel Acuña
Photo by Jim Carmody

Cecily Holcombe in choreography by Blythe Barton
Photo by Freya Fang

John Diaz