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Live Arts Fest 4/5/13-4/21/13




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Four Share the Floor

Kerry Greenwood, Minaqua McPherson, Joy Davis, Lavina Rich

Kerry Greenwood will be premiering a new work titled "Belles" for Live Arts Fest. An abstract, contemporary dance piece in four short movements. Originally inspired by the strange history of Victorian safety coffins, this piece has evolved into an exploration of group movement, sound, and dynamics in composition.

Lavina Rich: Snow White sung “Someday my prince will come.” But what if he never showed up? This piece plays with the idea of four princesses that have grown tired of waiting for prince charming to rescue them. They are bored and a bit miffed that Charming has kept them stuck in the castle for so long. Will they continue to wait- or will they decide to rescue themselves? Our princesses are Beth Calarco, Caitlyn Franco, Cecily Holcombe, and Molly Puryear.

Minaqua McPherson has a BA in Dance from UC San Diego and is a company member for Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theater. Her latest exploration to create a work stems from a discussion where she tried to identify why as an adult she finds her self constantly going out of her way to take on other peoples tasks. Raised to be indepent she has always had a nurtuing side but now seems to have a constant need to seek approval. Energetically and obsessively she demands perfection from herself, but she is unable to turn down anyone who asks for her expertise. Her piece questions lifes situations and attempts to decifer a single statement that passed from her mind to her lips... "I spend my days behind my thoughts, instead of infront of them".

Joy Davis (Guest Performer): "The Seeing, a new solo work choreographed and performed by Joy Davis, explores the process of patience: making intentions, following intuition, and watching arrangements change or evolve slower than expected. Structured as a combination of planned choreography and surprising improvisation, Joy renders the beautiful, the humorous, and the awkward in a timeline style of recollection. This piece is part of a larger inquiry into how the Divine shows up, robust with feminine qualities of elegance and subtlety, and communicates to us in the veil of dreams or in the luminous interaction with others."

Four Share the Floor, April 14, 7:30 PM, Live Arts Fest
*Joy Davis, Kerry Greenwood, Minaqua McPherson, Lavina Rich