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July 17, 12-3 pm

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Jessica Curiel
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Sharon Hancock

Photos by Manny Rotenberg

September 24 - 25 & October 1 - 2


Meet the Choreographers

Jean Isaacs Artistic/Executive Director San Diego Dance Theater (Founder and Artistic Director of "Trolley Dances" and Choreographer) is a critically acclaimed, award-winning choreographer whose work has been presented in Switzerland, Germany, China, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, and Poland, as well as on both coast of America. Isaacss is the co-founder of the San Diego Dance Alliance, Three's COmpany and Dancers, and Isaacs/McCaleb & Dancers.
Full Biography
Monica Bill Barnes is a choreographer, performer, and the Artistic Director of MBB & Co., a NYC based contemporary dance company, founded in 1997 with the mission to celebrate individuality, humor, and the innate theatricality of everyday life. The company creates full-length shows that tour the country’s biggest stages and tiniest rooms, bringing dance where it doesn’t belong. Her work has been presented in more than 60 cities throughout the US, including the most notable venues.
*Photo by Steven Schreiber
Bill Shannon is a conceptual interdisciplinary artist who creates visual art, performance art, and dance for a broad range of contexts. Shannon's artistic vision is rooted in street art, breakdance, skateboarding, and disability culture. Shannon's work can be categorized as a contemporary performance art and experimental video that engages academic fields of inquiry including cultural theory, sociology and phenomenology. Shannon resides on his extended family's urban farm in Pittsburgh.
*Photo by Brian Cohen-Courtesy of
Jess Humphrey is a dance artist and educator. Her movement research focuses on dancemaking from various, shifting perspectives and states of body~mind. Her dances are expressions of her engagement in contemplative and somatic practices, Integral Theory, and her situation within the western, theatrical dance lineage. Jess continues to learn by teaching at San Diego State University and co-facilitates the weekly contact improvisation jam in San Diego.
Zaquia Mahler Salinas, a native San Diegan, enjoys contributing to the vibrant and diverse local dance community. After receiving her BA in Dance with Honors from UC Santa Barbara, she returned to San Diego and has since been an active member of the dance scene. Zaquia has received recognitions for dance works she has presented at events throughout California. Her vision for her work is that it be socially and culturally relevant in an effort to inspire compassion and inquiry.