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Yvonne Gagliardo

Photo by Manny Rotenberg


10 am - 11 am
Aging Creatively
Age: 60+

Yvonne Harguindeguy Gagliardo

Creative Aging is a class for the “seasoned dancer.” Using the iconic gestures of Jean Isaacs, Yvonne Harguindeguy teaches a program for those returning to modern dance utilizing her unique dynamic style and musicality. The class incorporates classical and contemporary forms at a gentler pace. Using a variety of music genres, the class participates in an adaptive modern technique through strength, balance and traveling combinations. Class attendance and rehearsals offer opportunities for creative improvisation and performance.
Yvonne Harguindeguy Gagliardo began her modern dance training at the University of California Santa Barbara then moved to San Diego and began dancing with Jean Isaacs as a graduate student at San Diego State University. Yvonne was a principle with 3’s Company & Dancers and has continued to study, teach and perform in various Trolley and studio projects for Isaac’s San Diego Dance Theater for over 25 years. In addition, she has taught and choreographed in numerous colleges, high schools, elementary schools and studios in San Diego County. With a Masters in PE/Exercise Physiology, Yvonne has also worked as a Health Educator for Sharp Mission Park Medical Group for 20 years. With an extensive background in senior wellness, a recent certification in Personal Training and an in- depth understanding of the modern techniques taught by Isaacs, Yvonne is currently teaching the weekly Creative Aging Program. This popular program invites “seasoned modern dancers” and “fit seniors” an opportunity to move and express using the unique gestures and style created by Jean Isaacs.