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10:30 - 11:30 am

Senior Modern Dance

Kathryn Scheidegger

Modern Dance for Seniors is a class designed for those returning to dance as well as fit seniors interested in expression through dance and moving at a gentle flowing pace.  Kathryn teaches an expressive modern dance class influenced by the techniques of Limon, Lewitzky, and Jean Isaacs.  The class begins with fundamental technique exercises that will warm up the whole body as well as increase strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.  Adapted movement patterns and traveling phrases will explore gestures, shifts of weight, swings and releases among many more qualities. As a long time teacher of dance, Kathryn looks forward to share her passion for moving and expressing through dance.
Kathryn trained in the modern techniques of Limon, Lewitzky, and Jean Isaacs and extensively studied Dance Kinesiology and Body Mind Fitness.  Kathryn earned her MFA in Dance at UCLA and her BFA in Dance at FSU. She spent the next 20 years as a dance artist performing, choreographing, and teaching in California and Europe.  Kathryn was a company member for choreographer Ferne Ackerman (Los Angeles) and performed in Switzerland with Jean Isaacs and Dancers and Elvi Leu’s  Zet Tanz.  As a choreographer, her work has been set on the UCLA Dance Company, Swiss Dance Companies Running Out, Tanz in Winterthur and selected for the Tanz In Stucken Festival.  Kathryn has been a dance faculty member at various universities in California including UCLA, CSUS, LMU, Scripps College and American River College.  In Switzerland, she taught dance courses at University of Bern , University of Zurich, Swiss Musical Academy, Akar Dance Studio and international dance workshops.  She is also a certified Instructor in Pilates, GyrotonicÒ and GyrokinesisÒ and continues her work as a personal trainer in body mind fitness and teaching dance.