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1 - 2 pm
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Senior Tap Dance

Jeanne Lenhart

"Tap Dance for Seniors" is every Friday from 1:00-2:00. This is a beginning class for anyone who ever wanted to tap. The class begins with a warm up followed by basic tap techniques to include shuffles, flaps, time steps etc. The last part of class will be a short combination. A variety of tap styles will be included such as Theater Tap and Jazz Tap. Dancing to music has been proven to be one of the most valuable practices when preventing dementia such as Alzheimer decease. Dancing to music while creating new movement will not only improve your physical well being but will bring a new joy to your life. Give it a try! (Come to class with or without tap shoes.) We will be dancing in flat shoes.
Jeanne has danced on and off most of her life. She has enjoyed many styles of dance but as a 68 year old she particularly enjoys tap dancing. She has taught students from 8 to 80. Jeanne started teaching in 1969 at San Diego High School; later she was part of the hand picked staff for the new San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. At the school she taught Theater Dance and Tap and was involved in many productions. Now, after having a successful Interior Design business, she is back to her love of dance and encourages seniors to participate at what ever level they desire. Jeanne has and is again performing with the San Diego Follies. She also was Ms. Senior San Diego 2012 and first runner up to Ms. Senior California. Her goal in participating in these activities is to encourage people to stay active and enjoy life to the very fullest! The fun starts at 60.